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Blood orange Chia Jam

Serving : 1 jar

Prep time: 5mins ; cooking time: 10 mins

Basic ingredients:

1 tsp vanilla paste

4 blood oranges

Juice of 2 blood oranges

1/4 cup Maple syrup + 4 tbsp

4 tbs Chia seeds

+ Zest of one orange

Get your hands working:

Peel or remove the skin from the oranges and separate into segments of the oranges. Place it in a jar.

On a separate pan, add zest of one orange (from one of the oranges), blood orange juice, maple syrup and vanilla paste. Bring it to a boil and simmer for 10 mins until the mixture get thicken. Keep stirring to prevent the contents from getting burnt.

Add chia seeds and cook for another 5 mins then pour into jars and let cool completely. It will thicken up as the chia seeds start to gel.

Remove from heat and pour into the jar with the blood oranges in it. Set it aside to cool completely before storing it in the refrigerator. You wouldnt have a problem to finish it within a week because homemade good are addictive! You can add it onto your pancakes like what I’ve done over here:)


Blood orange compote chia jam

Blood orange compote chia jam

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