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Cranberry Double Chocolate Quinoa Granola

Adapted from Vanillacrunnch ( I’ve added 2 more types of ingredients and I’ve highlighted the additions in blue:) INGREDIENTS 2 cups buckwheat (200gr) ¾ cup flaked coconut (30gr) ¼ cup gluten free oats (25gr) ¼ cup quinoa puffs 2 tbsp dried cranberries ¼ cup maple syrup (35gr) 3 tbsp coconut oil (25 gr) 2 tbsp cacao powder (25g) 1 oz dark chocolate with quinoa, chopped (30gr) ½ tsp vanilla extract a pinch of fine sea salt Let’s start: Preheat oven to 165°C / 325°F Mix all the dry ingredients together first. Add the remaining wet ingredients till fully combined. Line the baking try with parchment paper and lay the granola mixture over. I exert a little pressure to lightly pressed the mixture together so that it kind of sticks together. Lara from Vanillacrunnch recommended 12-15 mins and I baked it for 15 mins:) Remove from oven and let it cool completely as per recommendation and you can really get big clusters which is so yummy:)

Soft Baked Double Choco Chestnut Cookie

Adapted from fithealthyproject Bowl 1 – dry ingredients 1 cup chestnut flour 2/3 cup almond flour 1/2 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp baking soda 1/4 cup cacao powder 1/3 cup coconut sugar Bowl 2 – Wet ingredients 2 ripe large bananas, mashed 2 tbsp almond butter 1 tbsp unsweetened almond milk (you may skip this if you feel that your batter is too sticky or wet) Toppings 10-15 roasted/steamed chestnut ; peeled handful of dried cranberries 1/3 cup of vegan chocolate chips 12cm x 12cm vegan chocolate bark (you can make it yourself) – chop it up into bite sized Preheat the oven to 350°F / 180°C. Line a baking tray with baking paper or grease the pan with coconut oil or non-stick baking spray. Pour all the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl, through a sieve. Mix till everything’s well combined. For the wet ingredients, add everything to the blender. Combine both wet and dry ingredients together. Fold in the toppings. Your batter should come together like a big dough ball. You can change the type of toppings …