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New Year , New Resolution

 My 2017 New Year Resolution:

  1. The Importance of Health & fitness
  2. Self-development

It’s been 7 weeks since I’ve decided to work on my 2017’s New year Resolution for real. #fitnessgoals – Getting serious about my goals and working hard on it. I got back on my BBG with Kayla , and my healthy lifestyle. I cut down on my dairy intake, taking in loads of whole foods , drinking adequate amount of water and maintaining a fitness lifestyle. I was eating healthily back then but everything was just not working in my favour. It was the incorporation of fitness (BBG) that helps to enhance my lifestyle. (Thank you so much Kayla – I’m seeing a significant improvement on my face, body and overall wellness)

After all these years of experiencing several fad diets, I realise the importance of sustainability and striking a balance bewteen health and wellness, instead of embracing crash-diets for that short-lived happiness (esp after you noticed a significant drop in your weight😏). You know you will gain everything back after a few food binging episodes and will probably smash the weighing machine for “lying”. Hahaha, I had my fair share of hatred with machines that “lied” to me about my weight in the past.

Anyway, 2017 is known to be a “fitness” year or perhaps a year to get fit for most of you out there, including me. I started on my 12 weeks of BBG on the 16th January and it’s been relatively good so far. I had regular meals, eat breakfast like a 👸🏼 and had “chocolates” whenever I crave for. I knew this lifestyle works for me when I first started in 2016. It was just a bad encounter with a horrible company in second part of 2016 that sent my health in a downward spiral once again. Oh God, I’ve been putting my body through h*** and I’m so thankful that God has been faithfully protecting my body and health. Shall do up another post on this topic.

I’m pretty confident about sustaining my current lifestyle and this is a BIG thing for me. When you know you can live without fad diets and still be happy about it, it’s worth a HUGE CELEBRATION🙌🏻. I’m not gonna lie about how the numbers on the weighing machine still affects me from time to time. Girl, let’s be real about this, I’m still looking forward to shed some pounds in a happier and healthier way:) Although it may be a slow progress, (definitely not as fast as fad diets ), it certainly did show significant improvement on my face and body.


It was an impromptu decision , I took a picture of my face last night (with no make up) before I slept as it has improved tremendously during the past 7 weeks. Ironically, the “before” photo was taken with some makeup, where you can spot acne scars looking greyish in the image? I did apply some coverage to hide those scary scars but no avail. It still peeped through the foundation:( Friends that I’ve met when I had major acne issues could probably vouch for me 👉🏻 my skin was in a really bad condition. Anyway, I’m glad I managed to address this issue and found a solution to it. (it’s to a point where visiting a dermatologist will not help me.) It’s got to do with my hormones, my lifestyle.

Right now, I’m left with those horrible acne scars but at least, those mega pimples / acne inflammation stopped haunting me. 🙌🏻God bless my face and soul.


It might be still too soon to share but I do want to spread the importance of having a well-balanced lifestyle which involves food and fitness. I’m not gonna wait till the moment that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight to prove that whatever I’ve said was right. This is not only about how much weight I’ve lost, it’s how it changes my perspective about the importance of a health. I feel good /positive after starting on this lifestyle and I’m gonna share with everyone of you.

If I can do it, so can you!

Do not envision this as a diet, take this as your life-long journey and you will be surprised at your own findings:)

2. Self Development

🙌🏻 I’ve decided to work on DIY projects / videos on youtube, instead of rotting on my bed. I shall put my energy into something that I love and always wanted to do.

“allthatiam” speaks for itself that it will be about anything and everything about me. It ranges from DIY posts, tutorials, healthy food recipes, weekly vlogs, and fashion. Let’s kick-start the journey:) I’ve yet to post any videos but I’m working on this right now. Hopefully I will be able to churn out some good contents.

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